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Rakovski 90
Raiffeisenbank Rakovski 90 ARCADIA Residential building Tsar Osvobod. 14 Shopping Center

Interiors and plans



The wonderful secession building was completely refurnished by Rapid, creating two new floors under the roof, a restaurant in the basement and a new lift on a plot of 604 m2 and  gross floor area of approx. 1230 m2. The house is just in front of the National Opera house in Sofia, near the Alexander Nevski Cathedral. 

It used to be the main office of Hypo Vereinsbank (Bulgaria) for two years.

The house belongs now to a Bulgarian company.

Part of the facade before the refurnishing

The real estate is situated in the central part of the city, in the main city center, in the immediate vicinity of the Sofia Opera, the Sofia Municipality, and state institutions, embassies, legations, consulates and other buildings forming the typical style of this part of the city center. This real estate is very attractive in terms of location and functionality, due to the specific environment in this part of the city center.

The building  was constructed in the beginning of the 20th century, as a monolithic solid-structure building with a double-slope wooden roof covered with grooved tiles. The architectural style of the fašade is late Secession, characterized by many ornamental geometrical elements, especially around the openings in the walls.

Since 1950, the building was used for administrative purposes. As a result of the long use of the building and poor maintenance of the wooden roof structure, the latter needed complete reconstruction.

The configuration and situation of this building makes this real estate very efficient and attractive in terms of commercial potential. By preserving the external architectural appearance and by reallocating the interior space through renovation, this building can be adapted for various purposes: residential, financial center, representation offices of a large or medium-sized international company, any of these possible uses of the building being appropriate to the specifics of this part of the city.

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