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Tsarigrad. shose
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Office building
East side Tower

Multifunctional office buildings

at Tsarigradsko shose 7-11 km, Sofia

For our own plot of 9.053 m2 at Tsarigradsko shose7-11 km in Sofia we carried out in 2006 the urban planning for 2 plots of 8.025 m2 (UPI III-4017, kv. 11) and 790 m2 (UPI III-4017, Kv. 13. and got permission to develop the planning (Visa) for 42.000 m2 Gross floor area, and 7.500 m2 Gross floor area, respectively.

In 2007 we sold the plot of 8.025 m2 to a foreign investment company including our design planning for an East side tower.





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