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Total floor area 282.12 m2

Constr. height 2.80 m

>      Offices

>      Storage area, technical installations (central heating system)

First floor


Total floor area 242.50 m2

Constr. height 3.68 m

>      Offices

>      Corridor, staircase, WC,  balconies

Second floor


Total floor area 252.26 m2

Constr. height 3.60 m

>      Offices

>      Storage area

>      Corridor, staircase, WC, balconies

Third floor


Total floor area 227.24 m2

Constr. height 2.80 m

>      Storage area

>      Corridor, staircase, WC, balconies

 Fourth floor - Mansard


Total floor area 224.73 m2

Constr. height 2.80 m

>      Offices

>      Corridor, staircase, restrooms, large balcony

Total floor area:  1.230 m2



In terms of functionality, the building has four types of zones:

  • The space allocated in the basement including: storage area, air-conditioning and heating installation, offices;

  • Official area on the first floor, including: foyer, reception room, guest room, offices, service rooms, rooms for the porter/guards. There is a convenient transition from the reception room to the open yard;

  • Administrative and servicing area, consisting of: the second floor, the third floor, the mansard, comprising offices, reception area, small kitchen area, storage area, balconies.

Basement floor plan Ground floor plan First floor plan Second floor plan Third floor plan

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